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About Artiste Hema Upasani

Ganheera Hema Neralkar - Upasani is the daughter of Pandit Nath Neralkar. Pt. Nath Neralkar is a great exponent of Hindustani Classical music from Maharashtra. He has nurtured and trained a generation of classical vocal artistes in Maharashtra. Hema grew up listening to her father doing his riyaaz for hours and performing in his numerous concerts. The training that he gave to his students became her victuals even before she could decide what her calling in life would be. Being the daughter of an artiste father meant that virtually all the maestros visiting her native town Aurangabad for public or private concerts knew her family well and she was lucky to be privy to their insightful musical discussions and impromptu concerts at her home.

Perhaps she was destined to carry forward the musical legacy of her illustrious father because young Hema took to music like fish to water. The sharp ears of her father spotted her talent at an early age and he gave her the lessons gladly. When she grew up, Hema chose to make a career as a vocalist and did her M.A. Music from S. N. D. T. University in Pune. She excelled in the university in musical academics as she achieved a rare distinction of bagging 5 prizes of the S. N. D. T. University in different aspects of music including the C. Ramchandra prize for securing maximum marks in M. A. Needless to say, she topped the university in her final exam. Music truly is in her genes! Her initial training under her father was augmented by her training under renowned flautist Pt. Raghunath Seth later on. Over the years since, Hema has made a name and created a place for herself in the music world with her versatile performances. Blessed with a sonorous voice which she groomed through indefatigable riyaaz, she has enchanted listeners wherever she has performed. Her knowledgeable presentation of ragas also has the ability to touch the soul. The ability transcends the genre as Hema’s soulful rendering of ghazals is greatly appreciated by the audiences. Along with her first love, the classical music, she is enamored by semi-classical forms like ghazals and bhajans. Her growing up in a town like Aurangabad where Urdu is spoken by many helped her grasp the nuances of the delicate and delightful language. Not surprisingly, she is successful in conveying the feelings entrenched in the words of a ghazal. Her somewhat husky but well trained voice creates the appropriate mood for her ghazal mehfils.

Hema Upasani's Guru

Guru & Father of Hema, Pt. Nath Neralkar is a well known personality in the filed of Indian Classical music. Young men & women come from every nook and corner of Maharashtra to him to learn the art. Pt. Nath Neralkar teach them by 'GURUKUL PARAMPARA' (tradition) which these days is noticed rarely. His disciples have taken Indian Classical music to the remotest parts of Maharashtra. He was honoured by many institutions & to top it all he has been awarded KALADAN PURASKAR by Government of Maharashtra. He has created a sizeable number of BANDISHEES, which are sung by well known vocalists of India. Guru of Pt. Nath Neralkar, LATE ANNASAHEB GUNJKAR of Nanded was agreate scholar.