Services Provided





  • Studio is equipped with solid state logic super analogue X-Desk console with latest Protools HD native.
  • The room is well treated to give uniform response.
  • Genelec 8260A DSP Monitoring system provide digital calibration of monitors for a flat response at the sweet spot.

Recording Room

  • This Room can accommodate 5 people and is well treated acoustically.

Live Recording Theatre
Mehefil Hall

  • Hall Comprises of a stage which can accommodate upto 8 artist for a live performance. This Hall can accommodate upto 100 people for a Live Mehefil with Bhartiya Baithak.
  • Special arrangement for live performance with advanced lights and Genelec monitoring system.
  • This Hall can also be used as reccording room for studio with capacity of 50 musicians as well as 6-8 piece western band.

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